Journey to the Savage Planet: Таблица для Cheat Engine [22.04.2020] {SunBeam} скачать бесплатно

Journey to the Savage Planet: Таблица для Cheat Engine [22.04.2020] {SunBeam}

Читы для игр

Бесплатный чит или таблица для Cheat Engine к игре Journey to the Savage Planet позволяют добавить в игру преимущественные привилегии, которые значительным образом будут влиять на весь игровой процесс в целом.

Данная чит-модификация ускорит и даже упростит прохождение Journey to the Savage Planet, а также добавит новые возможности, такие как: бессмертие, неограниченное количество денег, неуязвимость, режим невидимки и многое другое – внимательно ознакомьтесь с описанием данного чита.


Game Name: Journey To The Salvage Planet
Game Vendor: Epic
Game Version: 1.07
Game Process: JTTSP.exe
Game File Version:

Also a table that allows you to do several things:

  • Compact Mode
    Will disable the mid-top GUI of main CE window and create a top-bar menu called Full View Mode. You can toggle with this menu the state of the window, compact or full. Why? Useful for LARGE tables with a shitload of options.
  • [ Enable ]
    Main hook, you need this active for the rest to work.
  • Engine
    • Hook UCheatManager execs (execFly, execGhost, execWalk)
      The script restores the core of fly, ghost, walk console commands. You need this enabled for the subsequent scripts underneath it to work.
    • Hijack MoveForward/MoveRight
      The default restoring of those execs above isn’t enough to obtain free movement on all XYZ axis. As such, if you want to free-fly or free-ghost, you will need this script active. Then just do fly or ghost in the console and you’ll see what happens.
    • Movement Handler (MoveForward, MoveRight, MoveUp)
      If you want you can test this over the one above, if you feel like it speeds up your movement better. Just know that it’s running in a thread that doesn’t have any Sleep timer, meaning it might hog on your CPU. Didn’t on my end, but everyone has different PC specs.
  • Scripts
    • God Mode – режим бога 
      Flips the bCanBeDamaged BoolProperty, thus emulating the effect of the god console command. You take damage (splash, based on various damage types dealt to you) but health doesn’t decrease.
    • Infinite Stamina – выносливость
      Hooks a spot where StaminaConsumptionRate in PlayerCharacter is processed. Script sets this to , which will make it never decrease when used.
    • Unlimited Throwables – бросательные предметы
      The script alters the bIsTemporaryInvincible BoolProperty in PlayerCharacter’s DamageSystemComponent, enabling it basically. With this on you’re immune to almost all kinds of damage (I think Imperial Scarabs and Vyper Aggrotron in the DLC are the only two causing a type of damage that’s not white-listed, developers, please fix!), meaning no more splash damage. At the same time, while using throwables, they won’t decrease.
    • Unlimited Weapon Tool Charges – неограниченное сборы инструмента оружия
      Grants infinite Weapon Tool (pistol) ammo by setting DebugInfiniteCharge BoolProperty in weapon’s FiringModeBatteryComponent.
    • Rapid Fire + No Recoil + No Spread – Быстрая Стрельба + Без Отдачи + Без Спреда
      Alters a series of properties in the FireUpgrad – e component of the Weapon Tool. Mainly: MaxShotsPerBurst set to 100 (from 1), SpreadAngle set to -1, ShotsPerSecond set to 100 (from 10), TrajectorySpeed doubled (1000 instead of 500 for almost instant hit), DischargePerShot set to 0, RecoilAnglePerShot and RecoilDeviationAnglePerShot set to 0. You get no recoil, perfect accuracy and 100 charges per shot. NOTE that this works as well with each Charge Shot upgrade. Just hit R to start charging the weapon, then R again as slider moves across the blue bar. Gun is charged. Now you can fire ONLY charged shots unlimited. To reset the weapon tool to normal state, hit TAB to start scanned and TAB again to exit 
Посмотрите  Journey to the Savage Planet: Трейнер/Trainer (+7) [50448] {Abolfazl.k}


    • Infinite Jetpack Fuel – топливо джетпака
      Hooks Jetpack usage and sets JetpackDodgingFuelConsumption and JetpackJumpJetsActivationFuelConsumption to 0. What this means is when you hit Space bar, no fuel is going to be consumed. You will also stop seeing the fuel yellow bar depleting. If you plan to use Dodge in mid-air (by using Shift+direction or middle mouse button+direction), that’s also covered. I’ve not touched the fuel consumption for the Jump Boost feature, makes no sense. NOTES: a) you get unlimited jump with this, even before having 1, 2, 3, 4 additional boosts, just press Space bar multiple times, b) there are times when the Jetpack might stop working (I only experienced it by going to main menu, then back in-game) and pressing Space bar will not trigger fuel consumption, same will happen when you’ll try to use Alt key. When and IF it happens, just go back into the Javelin, exit to main menu, disable script, then go back in-game. Once in, re-enable the script and all should be fine. Happened to me 1-2 times in ~24h gameplay.
    • Resource Collection Multiplier – множитель сбора ресурсов
      Enable the script, set the amount to what you desire, then kill some creature. You will now get the normal amount * your desired multiplier. Doesn’t work with Alien Alloy. Just be patient and collect them.
  • For anything else, see [ Debug ] section. Please, no what does this one do? questions. Test them yourself to get the answer. Some are just tracking values, some can be changed.

Процесс запуска:
1. Запустить Cheat Engine, Load и выбрать таблицу
2. Select a process to open, выбрать нужный процесс.
3. Выбрать нужную опцию, поставить крест.

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